Clay Canfield – The Wheel Lyrics

Well a wheel is a wheel
And a wheel keeps spinning around
A lonesome shadow in the dust
As the sun’s going down
Came to town as a stranger
Lord I guess I’m going to leave the same
You’ve seen my face
But you never will remember my name

Last September drove out of Jacksonville
I Left my family business and a stack of bills
Think about that sometimes
Like any normal man will
I’m never going back there
Just can’t stand the chill


Lord I don’t know what makes a man feel this way
Your whole life unfolds like a play on some old stage
But your leading lady’s bad luck
And debts that you just can’t pay
I guess the best thing sometimes is to just to walk away


Well just like a wheel my life keeps spinning around
No matter how far I go I keep covering the same old ground
Life’s a road I travel hell I mostly go it alone
I guess someday this wheel’s going to find a home