Jesse Ruben – Advice

Posted on November 5, 2013, under Uncategorized.

To the man who writes the music in my head, Did you retire? Were you fired? Did you skip out on your rent? Did you go crazy? Just get lazy? Did you meet the perfect lady? Can you tell me where you went? Furthermore, I’d like to ask for your advice, I know a girl who still believes that she’s In love with “

Mr. Right” He’s unfaithful, its disgraceful, And she always lets it slide Now she don’t even put up a fight. And I was hoping you could tell me what it means, To be alive when you survive what happened Down in New Orleans I’ve seen the news, and im confused Cause its grey where once was green Bad news don’t seem that “new” to me. To the man who writes the music in my head Are you tired, uninspired? Did you lose your favorite pen? Did you overuse your muse, Can you steal one from a friend? It’s time we started singin again…